Interrupt handling in 6.2

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Interrupt handling in 6.2

Ray Kinsella
Has anyone had any success performance tuning interrupt handling in 6.2 ?

I know that there is a improved performance handling mechanism in 7.0 but I
kinda stuck using 6.2.
The performance of interrupt handling mechanism on 6.2 during "interrupt
storms" is quiet poor, is there any anything I tweak to improve it ?
Any documentation on the same ?

Also I going to post this also in another list, but I tried using the
PMCStat and kgmon to profile my interrupt handling kernel objects (ko's,
loadable objects).
To get a handle on the source of the issue. PMCStat supports profiling ko's
in 7.0 but not 6.2, Kgmon suggests that profiling kernel objects should be
in 6.2, but I have had no success with it. Any documentation I have seen
suggests compiling the sources straight into the kernel rather than using
ko's to profile,
but this is not possible. Has anyone had any luck profiling ko's in 6.2.


Ray Kinsella
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