Invitation for - August Issue in IJRBT (ISSN 2291-2118)

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Invitation for - August Issue in IJRBT (ISSN 2291-2118)

IJRBT Techmind Research Canada
        [1]International Journal of Research in Business & Technology

                              ISSN No.2291-2118

   Call for paper - August Edition 2013

   Authors are cordially invited to submit papers addressing theoretical
   and practical implementation in the fields of Business and Technology
   for June edition of [2]IJRBT. [3]IJRBT is a bi-monthly journal. Authors
   are invited to submit their original manuscripts. A maximum of 3
   co-authors can participate in any IJRBT paper submission. Manuscripts
   submitted to this journal will be deemed as they have not been
   published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
   The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the
   criteria of technical and scientific excellence.

   Important Dates

   �  Submission Deadline: Open

   �  Notification : 1-3 weeks of submission

   �  Final manuscript due : : By 1 weeks after notification

   �  Publication date : Bi Monthly ( February, April, June, August,
   October, December)

   Submit your papers at IJRBT

   There are two ways you can make submission

   �  Method 1 (Recommended Method)

   Register at IJRBT by clicking here -> [4]Register. Then you can make
   submission by clicking New Submission link in yourUser Home

   �  Method 2 (Alternate Method)

   You can directly mail your paper with all your details ( Name, Address,
   Contact No., EmailId, Qualification etc.) at
   [5][hidden email] or [6][hidden email]

   Author Guideline

   Refer to author guideline for submission of the paper on the
   following [7]link Author Guideline

   Fee Waivers

   IJRBT charges publication fee to bear the maintenance cost. This should
   not come in the way of good research work. Keeping this in mind IJRBT
   offers concession to students and other needy authors. IJRBT offers fee
   waivers in several conditions to allow promotion of good research.

   �         Student: Students are given a concession of 25%.

   �         Others:  In other cases fee waiver is granted depending on
   the quality of paper and after reviewing the resumes. Fee waiver can be
   granted after author writes an application stating a genuine reason why
   waiver is needed. Then council will review the request and take
   decisions of how much waiver to be granted accordingly.

   Topics of Interest

   International Journal of Research in Business and Technology is
   cross-disciplinary in nature. The topics are not limited to the list
   that is available at [8]this link.


   5. mailto:[hidden email]
   6. mailto:[hidden email]

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