Java lockups as of 8.192.26 (revision 486973)

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Java lockups as of 8.192.26 (revision 486973)

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Dear Java Maintainer(s),
I want to report some unexpected java lockups when running Minecraft server, i.e. the vanilla minecraft_server.1.13.2.jar from is a closed source jar file as published by Mojang.
This has been working for many moons w/o issues, but now the Minecraft server consistently locks up as soon as it is started up.  The built-in watchdog kills it after 60 seconds.  Older versions of the server.jar also exhibit the same issue.
I'm running 11.2-STABLE and openjdk8-jre from the latest packages.  In an attempt to try to narrow down the issue, I've been rebuilding openjdk8-jre from ports using Subversion and it turns out the last version that is still working is revision 485094, i.e. Java version 8.181.13_1.  Revision 486973 is "broken", i.e. Java version 8.192.26  Crash report with more information is attached.
At this point I'm stuck.  :-( 

I'm not sure if I'm the first one to report this issue, or if this is the correct channel.  If not, please point me in right direction.If you have any questions or need me to try/test anything, please let me know.Thank you,
Jurgen Segaert

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