Job Opening - FreeBSD Kernel Developer

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Job Opening - FreeBSD Kernel Developer

We are looking for someone with strong hands-on coding experience of BSD

The kernel team is responsible for maintaining a FreeBSD derived Operating
system. Tasks include but not limited to design, develop, troubleshoot
proprietary code in the IP stack, virtual filesystem, memory management
subsystem and other areas as deemed necessary. Ensure high availability


Job requirements:

*         At least 3 years **hands-on** coding experience doing *BSD kernel

*         Strong understanding of TCP/IP protocols suite.

*         Proficient in C.

*         Good oral and written communication skills.

*         5+ years overall industry experience.

*         To be considered for this position, candidate **must** have
FreeBSD kernel experience. Experience with other BSD kernels is also


Location: San Jose

Duration: 6 months

In-person is required


Thank you for your time.




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