Job Opportunity - Linux System Administrator - SFO;CA

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Job Opportunity - Linux System Administrator - SFO;CA

Duration:  3months +

Location: SFO; CA

The primary skills are:
* Over all Red Hat Linux system admin
- Patches using our own patch center
- Spinning up approved version of the Linux
- Migration of Red Hat 4.0 to 5.0 release in all our environment
- Network trouble shooting & Design (mainly for our qa and dev environment)
- Backup setup and Strategies
- General scripting skills using bash, ksh, csh, sed, awk, perl or any
favorite shells and techniques
* Bea WebLogic Administration (10.x)
- BEA Jython Scripting
- Application Deployment
- Architecture Design
* Light level of Oracle DBA type work on our dev instance
- Applying patches
- Database space maintenance and monitoring and maintenance
* VMware administration
- Performance tuning
- Strategy for upgrades of the ESX Server
* Application Production support (24x7) . Be on rotation will existing
staff...(Learn on the job)
* Good to have skills but can learn on the job:
- Subversion administration
- Build systems like bamboo, Fisheye (nice to have skill but ok to learn
while on the job)
- Software deployments (can learn on the job)

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