Little Contract - Installing a Port! :D

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Little Contract - Installing a Port! :D

Martin Laflamme

I've been fighting for 2 weeks with the installation of a port.  I require someone with expert knowledge of installation of programs on FreeBSD who also knows how to compile from source.  Please note the issue does not necessarily need to be "fixed" but I definitely require proof of where the problem lies:

- port?
- source?
- FreeBSD 10.1?

The port in question is Postgis 21 or from source:  2.1.4.  Of course, I'd rather the installation be from port.  Please quote your rate - I'll give you root access.  Or, if you have me fix the problem without having to log in, even better.

FreeBSD references:

Postgis website reference:

Pastbin references:

Make install clean from port version 21

From Source Version 2.1.4 - CONFIGURE:

From Source Version 2.1.4 - MAKE 



p.s. Payment via Paypal, Bitcoin or E-mail Payment for Canadian residents.

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