Looking for FreeBSD SA or Technologist Gig

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Looking for FreeBSD SA or Technologist Gig

Brian Shumate
Greetings All,

I am currently seeking a System Administration or Technologist  
position with an organization which makes extensive use of FreeBSD,  
and/or FreeBSD plus Mac OS X.  I have used, and administered FreeBSD  
systems for over a decade, both in an avid hobbyist capacity, a  
professional consulting capacity, and through full-time employment  
with a national Retail Automation ISV.

At the present, I am residing in North Carolina, but willing and able  
to relocate anywhere in the United States within a short time-frame,  
and within the World in a two-month time-frame.  Telecommuting  
positions are also welcome.

If there are any interested parties on the list, my current resume  
and references are available upon request.

Kind Regards,

J. Brian Shumate
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