Looking for good FreeBSD sysadmin in Poland

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Looking for good FreeBSD sysadmin in Poland

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Hello folks,

I am looking for a good Unix sysadmin with major skills in FreeBSD.
The person will have to be part of a company and be very reliable and  
have good college degrees (preferably in computer science).

Part of the jobs we plan to give him will involve :

- - Regular tasks of maintenance (log check aplication stability checks).

- - Regular security focus & check = ports and system updates aplication  
level checks.

- - Maintenance of various servers including :
- --> Web server (Apache). Mandatory
- --> DNS server (BIND & PowerDNS). Mandatory
- --> Mail server (Postfix & Dovecot & SpamAssassin & Amavisd-new).  
- --> Database experience : PostgreSQL, MySQL. Mandatory

- - Scripting & programing :
- --> Python would be nice.
- --> Bash shell or C shell.
- --> Java knowledge coule be used.

- - Experience with virtualized system could be useful (Xen).

- - Experience with other Unix flavor including (Ubuntu - Debian).

- - Ready to work out of schedule if there is an emergency request  
(alarms answering… Service out of duty…).

A 6 years regular experience with high level system maintenance will  
be required.

If you know a company with this kind of knowledge or anyone suiting  
that profile let me know by replying to this mail.

Gregober ---> PGP ID --> 0x1BA3C2FD
bsd @at@ todoo.biz

P "Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing  
this e-mail"

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