Manchester BSD UG: 4th March (and beyooooonnnndddd!)

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Manchester BSD UG: 4th March (and beyooooonnnndddd!)

Paul Robinson-4
Hello all, this quick communique
is a little late, as I've nowt much to say
I've been delayed letting you all know
about this Thursday, but I hope you'll show!

This very week I have travelled far
To a small town, home of noble CAMRA
Named for a martyr, an abbey is there
Why I was there, I know you don't much care

Suffice to say, I'm now home in Manc
And in due course, some beer shall be sank
Our usual place, our usual time
The Briton's Protection, from 7 til gone 9

We'll talk about Unix and the tech we love
Until the beer is gone, or we've had enough
There is a plan for meets coming up
But I'll talk about that, as we all have a sup

Hope to see you all this coming meet
If you can make it, I'll appreciate your feat.
But if you can't, because "life is so full"
that's no reason - just move it to /dev/null

Paul Robinson
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