Manchester BSD UG - 5th August

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Manchester BSD UG - 5th August

Paul Robinson-4
This coming Tuesday, August the 5th
Manc BSDers will discuss an old tiff.
The Apollo Moon landings: were they real?
It's Armstrong's birthday! (Will he be having a meal?)

As we head off-topic, rant and debate
many will argue it was man's natural fate
In the beer garden or snug of the Briton's Protection
we'll ask of NASA's work: too close to perfection?

At some point I'm sure we'll discuss BSD
It's in the name of the group, on this we agree.
The simple truth is we're a curious lot,
And the World is so interesting, is it not?

We normally gather about a half past seven
and with a large turnout we number eleven.
If you've never been before, we're easy to spot
we're drinking real ale, and we're a scruffy old lot

Paul Robinson
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