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Manchester BSD UG: Feb?

Paul Robinson-4
February's BSD UG has a clash with this year's Turing Lecture:

However the lecture finishes at about 19:30 so it means those wishing  
to attend will be done early enough to still attend BSD UG up at the  
Briton's Protection (it's about a 30-minute walk).

I intend to go to the Turing lecture myself (last year's was properly  
mad-bonkers-wtf-you-on-about-mate-you-weird-idiot, and the year before  
the most inspiring and thought-provoking lecture I've ever attended in  
my life), and if anybody else wishes to attend, I'll see you there.

If enough regular BSD UG'ers are attending, we may choose to move the  
venue for afterwards to somewhere nearer Roscoe building (Sand Bar?)  
rather than have all of us trek the 2 miles up the road to Briton's.

I'd appreciate some feedback on the above in the next week or two! :-)
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