Manchester BSD UG, Tuesday 5th May

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Manchester BSD UG, Tuesday 5th May

Paul Robinson-4
The clocks are forward, the evenings light
Spring is here, behold the sight!
The geeks will be out for a pint and a chat
At Briton's Protection, how about that?

Our usual haunt, it's easy to find
Beer garden perhaps, unless you mind.
We'll convene as ever around about seven,
and some old soaks will be out past eleven

Now I have something to say,
a brief little mention
About my commitments
And lack of attention

This host is tiring of telling you in rhyme,
"It's that time of month - now get in line"
It may be time to pass the baton on,
whoever is in charge, don't make it John!

I'm just saying, letting you know
It might be time to change the show
I'm a busy lad, finding it hard to remember,
getting confused, losing my temper

I'll keep it going as long as I can,
But it might be time for another man.
Truth be told I may be leaving Mancunia
for quite some time, isn't that peculiar?

Before I depart I don't want things to end
Just refined a little, less round the bend
It's a long old while since we talked BSD
so maybe we admit it's just a piss-up after tea

I'll be guided by you all, however you feel
Hopefully this won't be some massive deal
Accept my apologies, witness my sorrow
All I'm thinking about, is beyond tomorrow...

Paul Robinson
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