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Ing. Ernesto Vázquez

My name is Ernesto and I'm a FreeBSD user from México, I made a community
which is  growing and we want to know how can we appear as official
community of whis fantastic system in México on the list "Users Groups" ( )

We can see our work here:

And this is our forum:

Please if you find someting wrong on the sites (about trademarks or some
legal stuff) let me know and I will change it immediately.

Thank you very much for your help and work. ]=)

P.S: I was trying to send this using the "report area" but i get this error:

*Bad Data

You need to specify at least your electronic mail address, your name and a
synopsis of the problem.
Please return to the form and add the missing information. Thank you.

*Obviously I wrote all the information correctly but still doesn't work.


Ing. Ernesto Vázquez
a.k.a *nestux* <>
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