Mid-level BSD aAdministrator Wanted in Cupertino, CA

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Mid-level BSD aAdministrator Wanted in Cupertino, CA

Pac Force

We are looking for a couple of mid-level system administrators for our shop in Cupertino, CA who have worked
extensively with the FreeBSD flavor of the UNIX OS. Alternatively, we would consider a UNIX sysadmin who's had Solaris or AT&T 5.4 v of the OS,
and who is also very well versed with BSD 4.x and beyond. The candidate must have 3-5 Years experience as a Unix systems
administrator in a medium to large production environment. You should have the ability to troubleshoot performance issues at the applications
and OS level. You should be familiar with application support on the BSD flavor of Unix.

What are we looking for?

 - 3-5 years experience in Unix Administration on FreeBSD or Solaris
 - Knowledge of basics Unix concepts, file systems, permissions, ACLs, kernel configuration, device drivers, application communication.
 - Knowledge of basic networking concepts and troubleshooting.
 - Exposure to managing servers remotely using DRAC, ILOM, KVM, ALOM, HMC consoles.
 - Well versed with standard Unix services like SSH, FTP, NFS, NIS, LDAP, DNS, Sudo.
 - Experience with troubleshooting problems with app tier, Apache, Tomcat, BIND, PostgreSQL, Postfix, Tomcat.
 - User, Group and File System management skills.
 - Performance monitoring and tuning of Unix servers.
 - Good communication skills, written and oral, are essential.
 - The candidate must have scripting skills with Shell (either bourne or korn or bash or c or perl)

 Bonus Points!
- Basic knowledge of SAN/NAS and clustering concepts is helpful
- Exposure to open source management tools like Nagios, RT, ORCA, MRTG, Cacti desired.
- Experience with few backup tools, ufsdump, tar, cpio, (Netbackup, TSM, veritas, legato) is a plus.

** This is a 6 month contract.
** Candidate must work ON SITE during regular business hours; Mon-Fri, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on site in Cupertino.
** No relocation assistance available.
** Note: We cannot sponsor H1B clients at this time. The candidate must have the appropriate visa status to work in the US.

If this sounds good to you, then send your resume, including salary and availability requirements to [hidden email] or fax your resume to 888- 273-6946.
All candidates that meet the requirements will be contacted.

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