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I've invited you to fill out the following form:
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To fill it out, visit:

Greetings to you in the perfect name of our Lord

How are you doing and your family? I hope the grace of God is abounding in  
you; my name is Mrs. Esther David and I am 58 years old; actually I and my  
late husband are from France, we both married and lived together for 30  
years, we spent some part of our lives here in Africa as we have all of our  
business here in Ivory Coast which by the grace of God the business  
expanded a lot which made us the (millionaire) that we are today before he  
died in the year 2016.

My husband made a deposit of 3.5 Million in a fixed deposit account here in  
Abidjan,  This money is earned from the business and the fund is into a  
suspense reserve and the deposit purpose is for onward transfer abroad of  
which is the reason why I decided to donate the funds outside the country.

I want you to help me carry out this vow I made with my husband. I want you  
to use this fund as a donation to help propagate the word/work of God and  
give help to the less privileged. Before the death of my husband, he  
instructed me to donate the funds for helping churches, schools, and  
orphanage homes for God glory since we did not have any child to inherit  
the fund.

As faith would have it, I am not in good condition of health to carry out  
this assignment myself for I have been suffering from cancer which has made  
my life so miserable. The worst is stroke parallelism which is why I cannot  
walk well again, Therefore' I believe that God would use you to  
accomplish our desire.

Please if you found this as a challenge and you want to partner with me in  
using this fund to establish all this which i have told you now, then i  
will like you to get back to me as soon as possible and provide me with  
your details as stated below...

    1. Your Full name
    2. Your Full Address
    3. Your Age
    4. Your Occupation
    5. And Your Country
    6. A copy of your ID card or a valid Passport

Immediately I have your information’s details I will quickly forward them  
to the bank for their notification and I will quickly commands for the  
release of my late husband fund to your name, Let me hear from you with  
your details and confirm your positive answer concerning this, I appeal  
that you please write me back immediately on my listed address  
([hidden email]) for more details and possible processing, may God  
bless us all.

Remain blessed in the Lord
Mrs. Esther David

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