Network installation on a UEFI-only box

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Network installation on a UEFI-only box

Victor Sudakov-6
Dear Colleagues,

Now that there are many PCs with UEFI-only BIOSes (no legacy mode nor
CSM), how can I install FreeBSD over network on those?

I successfully boot iPXE from the network, then load FreeBSD
installation media over http:




Good news: both images get transferred successfully over the network and
start to boot. They even reach the "Loading kernel..." stage.

Bad news: later they freeze or break at various points of the boot process.

This is just one example of a frozen boot:
if I press "Enter" here, it reboots.

If anybody is interested I can probably produce more info. But first of
all, please tell me if I have chosen the right technology (iPXE) for
booting the installation media over the network, or maybe what I'm
doing is stupid and there *is* the right way.

Victor Sudakov,  VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN

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