New FreeBSD Core Team Elected

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New FreeBSD Core Team Elected

FreeBSD Core Team Secretary
Dear FreeBSD Community,

Active committers to the project have elected your tenth FreeBSD Core

Allan Jude (allanjude)
Benedict Reuschling (bcr)
Brooks Davis (brooks)
Hiroki Sato (hrs)
Jeff Roberson (jeff)
John Baldwin (jhb)
Kris Moore (kmoore)
Sean Chittenden (seanc)
Warner Losh (imp)

Let's extend our gratitude to the outgoing Core Team members:

Baptiste Daroussin (bapt)
Benno Rice (benno)
Ed Maste (emaste)
George V. Neville-Neil (gnn)


Matthew Seaman (matthew)

Matthew, after having served as the Core Team Secretary for the past
four years, will be stepping down from that role.

The Core Team would also like to thank Dag-Erling Smørgrav for running a
flawless election.

To read about the responsibilities of the Core Team, refer to


Joseph (jrm), incoming Core Team Secretary

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