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New french hub is up

Hi hubs !
I'm glad to introduce you and :)

It is two VPS on Xen architecture hosted at Gandi SAS, with 9Mbps each one

I offering : "7.4, 8.2 and 9.0-BETA1" releases, same "ISO-IMAGES" directories, "7.4, 8.2, 7-stable, 8-stable and 9-current" packages for "i386 and amd64" architectures.
(unfortunatly space disk is not free or unlimited)

IPv4 and IPv6 are up on both servers

cvsupd is synchronized every hours with
ftpd is set up on read-ony, and only provided anonymous connections, synchronized 4 times by day with with this lftp's script :

For my final test I took a 8.2 bootonly.iso and make the installation by FTP, and just after launch csup for upgrading to 8.2-RELEASE p2
All is working fine for me !

This is my first public server, for further informations, tricks or advices feel free to reply or contact me directly

Alain aka 2A

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