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   [1]SoundCloudPR sent you a message:
   The SoundCloud Promotional Service offers Artists, DJs, Singers and
   Managers a simple, cost-effective way to reach targeted followers,
   sales, comments, plays and downloads on SoundCloud. We target
   like-minded users who are interested in your new tracks, releases and
   This means that each new user we will follow, will receive a
   notification from you (like this message), saying that you have
   followed him or her. In return, these users will check out your
   profile, follow you back, play, comment, and download your music.
   By increasing your visibility on SoundCloud, you also improve your
   chances of getting noticed by records labels, club owners and talent
   scouts, who might all be looking for the next big catch. Many of our
   clients have signed records deals, DJ gigs, or simply found new
   collaboration partners after using our services.
   Artists that generate a lot of honest consistent feedbacks and traffic
   to their profiles are the ones who stand out from the crowd.
   To check this new service, go directly to the [2]SoundCloud Promotion


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