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One Week on Latest Update

Chapman Media
Etreme Codes Update

We are now a week on since Extreme Codes went down. Looking
around there are many IPTV companies disappeared with customers money which is
never good for the IPTV business and paints a bad picture on the industry.

Chapman Media has always strived to be the best. You may not
have heard of us but probably of our predecessors. We own everything and have
the best technical and Customer service back up available. This is what makes
us completely apart from the other IPTV providers.

Obviously this has a higher cost than the usual CHEAP
providers with no back up or even contact details to try and approach. But our
resellers stay with us as their customers do and are making a very good living
as a result.

We are not using Extreme Codes in fact we have commissioned to
build our own software as this is the only piece in our jigsaw puzzle that we
DO NOT OWN. We are at a stage where 95% of all channels are working and we
believe within a couple of days all will be as stable as it always has been. Also,
we are proud of our own Video Club updated daily by our own committed staff
with over 250,000 titles.

So, if you want to leap into another level and offer your
customers the best. We are ready to work with you. We can have your control
panel created in minutes and we can import from a spreadsheet.

Email us to  mailto:[hidden email]?subject= [hidden email] or Skype live.richardsterling_1  Visit our website by clicking here [ ]

Waiting to hear from you.  
Chapman Team      

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