Perl modules MCE and MCE::Shared have reached stable

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Perl modules MCE and MCE::Shared have reached stable

Mario Roy
Hello and greetings,

First thank you for making the MCE package for FreeBSD.

The MCE module is at 1.821 and MCE::Shared at 1.817. Both have reached
stable on all platforms supported. It was a long journey in getting
here. Here's to a more powerful MCE experience on FreeBSD. Please know that
dependencies are optional.

1. MCE attempts to use Sereal 3.015 or later if available for
serialization. Otherwise, defaults to Storable.

    depend Sereal 3.015 (yeah, freshports has 3.015 or later)

2. MCE::Shared, provides sharing capabilities (currently, not available).
If added later (no problem if not), these are the optional dependencies for

    depend Sereal 3.015
    depend IO::FDPass 1.2

Thus far, RedHat and Macports have added dependencies recently. The fellow
who runs city-fan also works at RedHat, thus makes packages for RH7.

MCE and MCE::Shared are helpful modules for folks wanting to use many
cores. Having Sereal means faster serialization during IPC. Having
IO::FDPass means that the FD descriptor can be sent to the shared-manager
process while running. Applies to MCE::Shared->queue, ->condvar, and
->handle (mce_open).

Kind regards,
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