Porting MyPhoneExplorer to FreeBSD/Linux

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Porting MyPhoneExplorer to FreeBSD/Linux


Thank you for developing such a great&handy invent like MyPhoneExplorer (

Could you take a challenge of porting it to FreeBSD ([hidden email]), it
would be nice!

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Porting MyPhoneExplorer to FreeBSD/Linux

Jakub Lach
Who do you thank exactly?

I doubt any developers of said
application are subscribed to this

I don't know if you know what
you are asking for, but "porting"
closed source windows application
is not possible, it would be needed
to be wrote from scratch, which is
rather outside of even broadest
definition of porting, more of a

Moreover, if somebody capable of it
would need something like that
(I'm not sure what this application
do though), said "port" would be
already written.

Best said exactly what you need to
do on FreeBSD system on FreeBSD-questions
or some linux forum and maybe
somebody will come up with an idea
how to achieve that, or will point you
to tools already available.

You can also try to run this Windows
application under Wine on FreeBSD
or Linux but I don't know how far
it would get you. But unless you try,
you will never know.

Good luck.