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Problem reports for that need special attention

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users,
which need special attention. These represent problem reports covering
all versions including experimental development code and obsolete releases.

Status      |    Bug Id | Description
New         |    206801 | iwn(4) page fault on netif restart                
Open        |    154598 | [ath] Atheros 5424/2424 can't connect to WPA netw
Open        |    163312 | [panic] [ath] kernel panic: page fault with ath0  
Open        |    166190 | [ath] TX hangs and frames stuck in TX queue      
Open        |    166357 | [ath] 802.11n TX stall when the first frame in th
Open        |    169362 | [ath] AR5416: radar pulse PHY errors sometimes in
Open        |    169433 | [iwn] iwn(4) doesn't support 6235 chip.          
Open        |    211689 | panic with lagg failover wireless ath and iwm    

8 problems total for which you should take action.
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