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Problem with Korean

Thierry Thomas

Disclamer: I cannot read Korean at all!

I am the maintainer of the port textproc/ibus-typing-booster.
It runs fine for my usage, but its regression tests fail, caused by a
problem with Korean.

The author is a Fedora developer, and the tests pass on Linux, but
strangely it seems that on FreeBSD there is a difference.

Basically, the error is located in:

AssertionError: '안녕세이' != '안녕하세이'
- 안녕세이
+ 안녕하세이

The full story has been reported at

You can reproduce it by installing the port textproc/ibus-typing-booster
and then run:
cd /usr/ports/textproc/ibus-typing-booster && make test

Thanks for your ideas!
Th. Thomas.

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