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Promotion, Introducing & Proposing Our New Startup


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Hi Friends,

Greetings! Happy to connect friends. #1 First time in the universe.

FIRST SECURITY, this e-mail and its contents were tested for SPAM and
VIRUSES and were found to be 100% safe and secure from our end.
However, if you find any non compliance or else, please feel free and
friendly to report us, your feedback and support shall be highly
appreciated, thank you.


1. We're a start up from Mumbai, India. We're taking an opportunity
here, to introduce our startup and pre-propose our best and
state-of-the-art services for your kind consideration.

2. We're professionally qualified and have rich experience in various
business sectors and technologies.

3. Our core passion is to work across the industries, business
sectors, functional and technical domains.

4. We're very easy and friendly, strong team player and highly
professional in our business and commitments.


We offer complete End-to-End strategic analysis, solutions, products
and services. Right from the basic & initial understanding and
analyzing of your business goal, requirements, expectations and
aspirations to complete result oriented & ROI deliverables.

 Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, Web & Cloud Hosting, Web
Apps, eCommerce Development, Mobile Apps, Business Development, Domain
Name Registration, Search engine marketing (SEM), Search Engine
Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Mobile Website &
Apps, Responsive Web Design and Development, Enterprice Mobility,
Database Design & Optimization, Maintenance Services, Research, Sales
& Marketing, and lots more.


1. 100% one-to-one full attention and support for your greater success
in the technology, digital and big data world.

2. Tested, proven and successful strategies, tools, techniques and

3. We read, study, research and work round the clock to ensure we are
up to date with the latest trends, tools and techniques. This helps us
to serve you better irrespective of your business sector.

4. End-to-End analytical, statistical, strategic and process oriented
approach, solutions and ROI deliverable.

5. We have work experience with all types of organizations and
individual firms, entrepreneurs, partnership, proprietorship,
professionals, startups, small, medium, large, fortune companies and

6. We have many years of hands-on experience in various industries and
business sectors, such as telecom, health, retail, technology,
engineering, agriculture, education and universities, aviation and
airlines, oil and gas, human resource, steel, energy and power,
plastic, bio technology, chemical, retail chain, media, advertising,
import and export, food, automobile, consumer, IT and Software,
computer networking and hardware, banking, insurance, real estate,
mining, jewelry and lots more.

7. We strongly focus on your satisfaction, success and growth.

8. We work with you to ensure our service deliverable are in sync with
your business goals and aspirations.

9. We help you grow your business locally, nationally and

10. We are available round the clock to support you. Feel free and
friendly to contact and request us for detailed offerings and

11. Our digital / internet marketing packages starts from just US
$3,600.00 / Year. Project basis additional expert advisory and
third-party charges may be applicable. Prices subject to change
project basis.

12. For more information about our affordable products and services,
such as enterprise mobility solutions, mobile apps, website design,
re-design, eCommerce SEO and solutions starting from US $299.00/Year,
please feel free and friendly to contact us.


Create a support ticket "request for proposal" on our website
we shall respond back to your ticket on the priority, in the order it
was received, or within 48 hours. Alternatively, you may request for
proposal by sending us an email to [hidden email].

If you're surprisingly wondering seeing this email in your box, wish
to opt-out, never opt-in, do not want to receive email or receiving
too many promotional, unsolicited emails / communication from us,
kindly accept our sincere apologizes and feel free and friendly to
request for a unsubscribe/opt-out. However, we recommend you to keep
in touch with us for great and unique ideas, innovations and more, by
adding us in to your safe senders list.

Further, should you have any doubts and questions please feel free and
friendly to connect with us on email, phone, WhatsApp, Skype and

Thank you and appreciate for your time, efforts, read, consideration,
patience and cooperation. We're looking forward to your positive
response and have a long terms, fruitful, mutual beneficial and great
relationship ahead.

Thank you for your valuable support and wish you a nice and great day.

Your's Truly and Sincerely
Sales and Support Team
(Global Business Development)
Mulund(W), Mumbai 400080, MH INDIA.

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