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Dear eclipse,
A good day to you. Thanks for your time to read my email.

I would like a moment of your time to introduce my company, and our services to you. Sino Die Casting  is a dynamic, aluminum/zinc casting, and tooling manufacturer.
We can supply our customers with services that exceed their high quality demands including:
Our service:<br />1. Automobile mold <br />2. Gear mold <br />3. Unscrewing mold<br />4. Injection molding.<br />5. two color shot mold<br />6. stamping mold and die-casting mold
Please contact me if we can be of service to you, With our multi lingual foreign project management staff; communication and understanding is never a problem because we speak your language.
 My Email: [hidden email]

We trust you will favor us with an early (prompt) reply.

China United Mould Co., Ltd.  
More details of that on our website. click here
1F.,No.589-1 Jinbi Road, Longgang, Shenzhen, China.
Email: [hidden email]
TEL: +86 755 2841 9935
FAX: +86 755 2841 9938
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