[REVIEW] [RFC] adding x11menulibre to xfce4-goodies

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[REVIEW] [RFC] adding x11menulibre to xfce4-goodies

Guido Falsi-7

I've recently added a port of menulibre to the ports collection:


Since xfce has bindings to call it from the whiskermenu panel plugin
(and other places) and I noticed many linux distributions do bundle it
with their xfce packages I think it would make since to do so too.

I'd then like to add it to xfce4-goodies metaport.

Here is a review on phabricator for the change:


I'm asking here before doing it because I can see some people could have
objections due to adding some more dependencies.

Hoping this is a reasonable way of handling it, if I get no objection in
a pair of weeks or so, I'll go ahead and commit the change.


Guido Falsi <[hidden email]>
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