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Re: Broadcom 5719 Ethernet - Does it work yet?

Peter G.
On 23/04/2018 08:01, Dieter BSD wrote:
> Question 1: It appears that there were/are problems with both Dell
> cards and HP cards.  Is there something special about these cards
> that could keep FreeBSD from working with them?  Do they need to be
> in Dell/HP systems or would they work in a vanilla machine?
> (I'm thinking of getting one for a vanilla machine but only if it works.)
> The 5719 and 5720 are the same except for 4 ports vs 2 ports, right?

I have a few R-series Dell servers of the 12th. They all come with
onboard 5720. Ethernet works with bge(4), generic settings. Running
11.1-RELEASE on all those systems. "works" means here "they can run,
sure", but long term stability is, from my experience, let's say, less
than ideal. I've had one server losing network already twice within 3
months with polling, and another losing network once, for no apparent
reason, no polling. Already replaced the first one with intel i350-t2.
The other one is still running 5720, to be replaced with prolly i210.

If you want to buy new, don't. Get Intel i350 or i210 instead. Been
running i350-t2 on another system under constant high load, no problems
for over a year now.

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