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Re: Dell R630 unable to detect USB, can't boot

Hans Petter Selasky-6
On 02/13/18 14:45, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:

> On 02/04/18 23:47, Lee Brown wrote:
>> Booting FreeBSD11.1-RELENG from a USB stick, loader works fine keyboard
>> allows selection, kernel loads and starts OK, gets as far as detecting
>> USB
>> devices and stops there.  imgur <> for a
>> screenshot.  Tried safe mode same occurrence.
>> CDROM is via a USB, so that's a no go and I've not had luck booting UEFI
>> iSCSI nor PXE yet, so I'm stuck without a keyboard (no PS/2
>> connectors) or
>> essentially any boot media.
>> For reference Xen 7.2 is running fine so at first blush it's not faulty
>> hardware.
>> USB3 mode on and off (ie force USB2) in the BIOS makes no difference.
>> All Firmwares current.
>> Any suggestions on how to move forward with this?  I tried turning on
>> verbose mode, but I'm not sure how to capture that nor where to look.
> Hi,
> USB_ERR_TIMEOUT might be an indication of a PCI IRQ issue.

Try to set:


from the loader as a temporary quirk. Then try to dump information about
IRQ's like "vmstat -i" "dmesg" and so on.


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