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Krish Shah-2

   Dear Freebsd New Bus,

   An Email Sending Software

   Special Features:

      Personalized Mailing

      Director Mailer

      Mailing Groups

      Scheduled Mailing

      HTML/Text support



      Unsubscribe Link

      Delivery Reports

      Read Receipt Request

      Email Priority

      Import .XLS/.CSV files

      Export .XLS/.CSV files

      Remove Duplicate IDs

   System Requirements:

   CPU: P4 and above
   RAM: 256 and above
   Hard Disk: 1GB (Free)
   OS: Windows XP/Winows7

   Save The Environment

   Print only if its required.

   What is e-BizMail Software?
   e-BizMail is an Electronic Business Mail sending software, by using
   e-BizMail software your mails will go automatically one by one to the
   recipient, since this is a personalized mailing system it gives better
   response. You can use e-BizMail software to send your Newsletters,
   Greetings, Special Announcements etc.

   How Mails are sent from e-BizMail software?

   With e-BizMail software your mails will go individually to the
   recipient with email list created by you. It will not go using CC or
   BCC method, so user will feel that its specially sent to him/her it is
   100% personalized and hence it gives better response.

   How does it work?

   e-BizMail is a very user friendly software. You can start sending
   mails just in 3 simple steps. Start sending mails without worrying
   about whom you have sent and to whom you forgot to send.

   e-BizMail will remember the recipients whom you have already sent
   mails, those recipients Email IDs which got failed in earlier attempt
   etc. You can also schedule your mails so that your mailing will start
   automatically on a specified time. There is also an auto Turn off
   computer facility so your Computer will shut down automatically when
   your mailing is over.

   What's special in e-BizMail software?

   e-BizMail software supports HTML mails, it would be more attractive
   and faster, you will also have the delivery status report which will
   tell how many mails you have attempted, sent, failed etc. with date
   wise listing. e-BizMail software provides a very important feature
   which will remove the user's Email Address from your mailing list by
   simply clicking a link provided on your mailer, this saves your time
   and also keeps your mailing list updated.

   Another important feature of e-BizMail software is the Direct Mailer,
   where you can type in your message directly and also use HTML
   templates, so that you don't have to type again and again the common
   matter that you send regularly.

   Krish Shah

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