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This is Betty from Quan Zhou Sheng Da Medical Hygienic Materials Co.,Ltd.
Betty:+86 18259139784
          +86 0591 26921098
MSN and Email: [hidden email]
Skype: sabha.chen

Add: Hui An county, Which is one of there Economic Golden Cities in Southern Fujian Province

Products: Non sterile disposable surgical latex gloves, disposable surgical face mask, PP disapoable coverall, Sterile vagina dilator and so on


A full set of legal documents are as following;

Production Enterpriser Licence of Medlical Instrument

Hygiene License

Registration Certificate For Medical Device

ISO certification

Nowadays, we have 2 regular stone buyers from Africa and Korea, who book 2 HQ containers per month!
You are warmly welcome to visit our stone factory while arriving China

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