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not on hubs@... so.

On 6/7/12 10:05 AM, Thomas Abthorpe wrote:
> Hmm, you guys use pie charts in network monitoring?;-)
learned years ago, when the 'color' terminals came out (we really only
need green screen), that there is a difference between what the soc
engineers need, and what the customers want to see.

clients are not all that bright..  if they don't see pretty pie charts,
they don't know its running.

If we really explained how we did, what we did, and why we did it, they
would not purchase.

I am NOT running a cvs or svn mirror right now.  The only official
mirror I run is for SpamAssassin (SpamAssassin spam code signatures).  I
am one of three official mirrors.

we would NOT put it in our 'corporate' network, or block of ip addresses
(people always try to hack security companies.. especially if they see
we use pie charts).

But a totally separate network.  Our internal people would not even have
access to this.
Access controls would be totally up to you.  (as long as they meet our
minimum controls),

As for ssh, whatever, you just tell me what you need, is it ok to put
this in a 7.4 AMD64 jail? or would you feel more comfortable with a
dedicated machine?

and as for cvs vs svn, my original need was to anoncvs to help a
potential ports committer learn cvs, but, we are moving ports to svn anyway.

Doesn't matter, if you need a, let me know
specifications and requirements, I'll set up what needs to be set up .

Michael Scheidell, CTO
 >*| * SECNAP Network Security Corporation
d: +1.561.948.2259
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