Reminder: Manchester BSD UG - Tonight

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Reminder: Manchester BSD UG - Tonight

Paul Robinson-4
Once again, some of you are likely to complain you got no reminder  
about tonight's Manchester BSD UG.

Once again, I shall have to remind you that it was sent, it was just  
microscopically small.

Have you checked between your other mails? What about in the upper-
right corner of your junk folder? Did you even read your mail last  
week? Are you sure you don't need new glasses? Or that you're not on  

We will be convening at the Briton's Protection this evening at  
approximately 7pm for drinks, banter and no doubt some small amount of  
doom/gloom mongering coming from the long-haired roll-up-cig-smoking,  
cider-drinking contingent in the corner. :-)

See you then.
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