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Reminder: Manchester BSD UG Tonight

Paul Robinson-4
Just a quick reminder to you all,
A regular update, my monthly call:
Manchester BUG is on tonight!
In the beer garden, now its light?

I'm afraid to say for the first time in years,
I might not make it, but hold back your tears!
I'll do my best to meet you at seven,
As always, in the old Briton's Protection

Right now I'm sat here umming and ahh'ing
about doing some work or doing some calming.
Lancashire are playing, admission is free
but if I go, I'll have to work after tea!

I'm sure regardless, you'll all continue
to drink some ale and put crisps within you.
I might skive off, we'll have to see
but if I'm not there, don't get harsh with me!

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