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Report #10: Unicode support

Dmitry Selyutin
Hello everyone!

I've written a colldb tool using C language, so one may now use colldb
after compiling sources. I decided not to use lex/yacc here since it
seemed to be a bit overkill for just a simple task, so all you need is
C plus libcolldb (written in C too). I've also written colldb.1 manual
page and fixed libcolldb build (previously one could not compile it
without UNICODE=YES in make.conf).

Due to my exams (they will start in several days) I have to take a
rest to be prepared. Thanks to everyone who helped me during this
summer! I'd like to thank FreeBSD's community: guys, you are amazing,
it's really pleasant to work with you! I'm going to continue my work
after September 20th, so stay tuned! ;-)

P.S. Repository is here as usual:

With best regards,
Dmitry Selyutin
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