Req: Contractor, FreeBSD kernel, update path, contribute to FreeBSD.

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Req: Contractor, FreeBSD kernel, update path, contribute to FreeBSD.

Research Engineering Development has recently secured a contract to
provide a contractor to assist a company with a migration of their
FreeBSD based OS to a more recent FreeBSD version.

The client would also like the contractor to take non core
intellectual property and bring it into FreeBSD if it would be
mutually beneficial to the client and FreeBSD.

Extensive experience in the following areas are required:
- FreeBSD kernel.
- Networking.
- SMP.
- Filesystems (NFS, disk based).
- Bringing code into FreeBSD.
- Scoping out deliverables.
- Previous contract experience.
- Porting code between FreeBSD versions.

We require someone with FreeBSD commit access, or a long time
contributor with means to submit code to the project.

Remote is OK.
This is a near full-time position for several months.

Research Engineering Development will handle:
- contract details.
- assist with scoping.
- billing and payment to the contractor.

Contractor will handle:
- scoping.
- code.
- FreeBSD integration.

We have experience with this client before and they have delivered
large amounts of code via contractor into FreeBSD based on this prior

Please respond with:
- Cover letter with short description of who you are and contributions
to FreeBSD.
- Resume.
- Availability.
- Rate in USD.

Adrienne Thurston
Human Resources/Recruiting
Research Engineering Development Inc
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