SF Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group meeting last night

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SF Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group meeting last night

David Wolfskill
After a slightly rocky start (Kip pointed out that I had an off-by-one
error in the address where we were meeting -- that may have contributed
to Randi's non-appearance -- and our host wasn't able to be there,
but Security only asked me about it once, then left us alone), we
had a pretty good meeting.

Marcel described "GPart" [note capitalization] as well as his rationale
for its design and discussed some possible future directions.

And given the "ecological niche" occupied by gpart(8), it wasn't at all
surprising that much of the discussion also related to sysinstall(8).

And -- pleasantly -- diversions from topic were short-lived and
relatively infrequent.  [Not that I'd be sensitive to such things...:-}]

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 09 July; given that 8.0
is in code slush presently, I think it would be Grand if someone
with some "interesting" things to discuss about FreeBSD 8.x were
to participate in a discussion about said things.

I'll see if I can do a better job of posting location & egress
intsructions for July.  :-}

David H. Wolfskill [hidden email]
Depriving a girl or boy of an opportunity for education is evil.

See http://www.catwhisker.org/~david/publickey.gpg for my public key.

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