SF Bay Area Local FreeBSD user group resurrection scheduled for April

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SF Bay Area Local FreeBSD user group resurrection scheduled for April

David Wolfskill
The Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group (BAFUG -- Web site at www.bafug.org,
though it's been dormant for at least a couple of years) is about to
start meeting again -- finally.

I've asked my contact at Yahoo! (in Sunnyvale) to go ahead and set
up a room for a BAFUG meeting either first or second Thursday of
April (depending on what's available).  I've suggested that we start
around 7 - 7:30 PM; again, actual start time will depend on what's

A decade ago, BAFUG meetings involved pizza, but I don't know how
feasible that is at this point.

As (at least) some of you know, FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE is presently in code
freeze, so I'm anticipating that we can get some basic infrastructure in
place, and we can discuss things involving FreeBSD that folks find
sufficiently interesting.

I do not have plans for any formal presentation, though I'm not against
it per se.  (I am aware that trying to ensure that there is one is a
major source of burnout on the part of the folks who run these things,
and I have no special desire to self-inflict that form of punishment.)

More details over on bafug.org as they become available.

David H. Wolfskill [hidden email]
Depriving a girl or boy of an opportunity for education is evil.

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