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June 2019 - SEO News & Tips

 Hi Guys,

We all need to direct traffic to our websites. And not only direct
existing customers to our websites but new potential customers as
well. In this email I would like to introduce to you an amazing 205
point ultimate S.E.O strategy.

1. Myth of the Aging Domain Google engineer, Matt Cutts claims that in
the Google algorithm, domain age is an insignificant factor. Good
content matters more than the domain age in the long run.

2. Use Keyword as First Word of Domain Get the extra edge over others
by starting the domain name with the targeted keyword. This is a
crucial and an indisputable keyword ranking factor that can boost your
site’s ranking on the search engines.

3. Keywords in Title Keeping the keywords in the title is a smart move
if you are looking to increase your SEO ranking. This can be a strong
on page SEO signal to boost page ranking.

4. Title Tag Starting with Keyword According to Moz data and
Backlinko, title tags having keywords at the beginning perform much
better than when the keywords are used at the end of the title tag.

5. Keywords in Description Using keywords in descriptions is quite
relevant and does make a difference, although it isn’t hugely

Please let us know if we can send you the rest of the strategy.

Thank you. And have a great day further.

Matthew Gathercole
 Bright House Solutions
 Tel: (011) 764 1551
 Cell: 072 185 7703
 Email: [hidden email]

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