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Senior Software Engineer - Brisbane, Australia

Paul Koch-3

AKIPS is looking for a full time Senior Software Engineer/Developer
to join our product development and technical support team.

AKIPS is an developer of network monitoring software, based in
Brisbane Australia.  Our software is used throughout the world to
monitor large enterprise network infrastructures.

Applicant must hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent in either
Software Engineering or Computer Science.

Position location:
 Tanah Merah, Brisbane, Australia.

Applicant must be highly proficient and experienced with the following:
 - C
 - Perl
 - FreeBSD
 - Javascript
 - make/gmake

 - clang/gcc
 - libunwind/backtrace
 - gprof
 - dmalloc
 - cachegrind
 - valgrind
 - perlcritic
 - cppcheck
 - gvim
 - git
 - subversion
 - meld
 - tcpdump
 - Wireshark
 - VirtualBox

Must have a good understanding of:
 - Signal handling
 - Sockets
 - Time
 - IPv4/v6
 - SSL encryption
 - Data compression
 - File systems (UFS, ZFS, NFS)
 - Virtual memory (heavy use of mmap)
 - File and atomic locking
 - Memory management and profiling
 - Data structure design
 - Search/insert algorithms
 - Network protocols (IP/UDP/TCP, ping, snmp, ssh, http, mail, etc)
 - Version control
 - Release engineering
 - FreeBSD source and ports
 - User interface design

Conceptual understanding of:
 - Ethernet
 - Switches
 - Routers
 - Firewalls
 - Load balancers
 - Server hardware (CPU, memory, disks, storage, NAS, SAN, RAIDxx)

Desirable knowledge in, or willing to learn the following:
 - Networking
 - SNMP and MIBs
 - SVG
 - PDF
 - Latex

Required Skills:
 - Touch type
 - Work in an agile paired programming environment
 - Adhere to our coding standards (indent, format, comments, etc)
 - Elegant written and email communication
 - Troubleshooting

Tasks include:
 - Product development (network monitoring software)
   - prototyping
   - design
   - development
   - testing
   - software maintenance
 - Follow various FreeBSD mailing lists
 - Track/build FreeBSD RELENG/HEAD ISOs and quarterly packages
 - Maintain various bits of internal infrastructure
   (e.g. development/test machines, intranet, website, mail server, etc)
 - Help recruit and train junior software engineers
 - Answer customer product technical queries (typically via email)

Contact Details:
 Contact us at: [hidden email]
 Applications or CV in PDF format

Paul Koch | Founder | CEO
AKIPS Network Monitor |
Brisbane, Australia
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