State of NVMe/NVMe hot-swap

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State of NVMe/NVMe hot-swap

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Hi folks,

I’ve been looking at mailing list archives, talking to my server vendor, looking at the official forums and I’m not finding lots of folks talking about NVMe drives. My forum query on hot-swap got a total of one response (and not from a NVMe user).

I’m looking at new servers and we really tend to use them until they drop, and it seems not too crazy to think that SATA and SAS SSDs will start growing scarce in 5-8 years (or at least get more expensive than NVMe when it’s mainstream). It seems like laptops and even many desktops are now using NVMe drives in the m.2 format.  IOW, it’s the future.

So can anyone comment on using NVMe in production, specifically the “u.2” format that gives you a nice 2.5” drive with hot swap capability? And more specifically, can you comment on how well (if at all) hot swap works?  Really open to any feedback before I commit to buying a few servers based on NVMe drives.


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