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Support/QA/testing/scripting Jobs in Portland Oregon

Sean Bruno-3
We're starting to look around for 2 to 3 people that will be filling the
roles of a tech support, QA and tester here in Portland Oregon.

Telecommute probably 1 day a week.  IP phone and vpn access will be
provided.  We won't be hiring outside of the Portland Oregon USA area.

MiraLink produces a disaster recovery appliance based on FreeBSD 6.  We
are looking for folks who understand FreeBSD and can jump in to do
testing with Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and Windows based servers.  Because the
solution is an appliance and not a s/w solution, we need local
candidates only.

There's SCSI, Fiber Channel, Firewire and iSCSI testing that will be
done, so you will get a really hardcore experience with those interfaces
down to the protocol level.  You will be using some in house testing
suites, but we really want someone who can diagnose and produce
repeatable failure cases.  That's half the work of fixing bugs.

Also, we would like someone who is willing to become a committer to
FreeBSD to ensure that our code fixes and features can be pushed back
upstream into FreeBSD proper.

If this sounds interesting to you, please send me a resume and I'll get
in touch with you.

Most likely, this will be a 3 to 6 month contracting opportunity with
direct hire possible after 6 months.

Sean Bruno
MiraLink Corporation
6015 NE 80th Ave, Ste 100
Portland, OR 97218
Phone 503-621-5143
Fax 503-621-5199

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