TCP_FASTOPEN is not available by default

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TCP_FASTOPEN is not available by default


I was disturbed by the problem that the vboxwebsrv was not work on
recent 10.2-STABLE.  It didn't listen on any ports.
The vboxwebsrv is shipped with Virtualbox and it provide a web
I tracked this problem down and found that the gsoap is trying to use
TCP_FASTOPEN then failed.
TCP_FASTOPEN was MFC'ed recently to stable/10 without enabling it in
the kernel build by default.  However, TCP_FASTOPEN is defined in
tcp.h.  So, the gsoap tries to use it then fail.
I've attached the patch for workaround.  It makes gsoap to ignore the
error from setsockopt(TCP_FASTOPEN).


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