The freezing cold is affecting your hunt

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The freezing cold is affecting your hunt

Snowhunter Vest 

Don't Hibernate. This is how you dal with the cold on a winter hunt.

 The winter chill can shake your aim and make it difficult to stay out for a long hunt. The best thing you can do to fight the winter weather (and hunt deep into the cold season) is get ltrically hated hunting gar.

Explore Elctric Hatd Thrmal Gar (
Vsts like this can give you 1 hours of additional warmth, with multiple levels of hat. That means a stadier shot and longer hunts.

Get Hated Huting Gar (
He did NOT literally see the future, of course, because that isn't at all what happened (in his future). He is simply talking about his vision for the future, presumably when the entire earth is ruled by him and Hydra so there is no need for national flags.This is just a villain being overconfident in his victory and using metaphorical language.Also, the space stone (The Tesseract) doesn't give you the ability to see through time. Red skull was never even able to get it to manipulate space, all he ever did was tap it like some sort of energy source for his weapons. The moment he first touched it outside of that he got teleported elsewhere, possibly Vormir.
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