This is the coolest nightlight I've ever seen

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This is the coolest nightlight I've ever seen

Galaxy NightLight

 Jezero Crater shows strong evidence from orbit of past water activity
The new rover will be dropped into the near equatorial Jezero Crater ( , which satellite observations suggest once held a deep lake.

Scientists hope that if microbes lived in or around this body of water, signatures of their presence will be retained in sediments that can be easily drilled today.

A key target will be the carbonate deposits that seem to line what would have been the palaeo-lake's shoreline.

"Carbonates are a type of mineral that precipitates out of water and what's really great about that process is that when they precipitate out - they trap everything that's in the water. So, everything that's living there can be trapped inside the mineral," explained Briony Horgan from Purdue University in Indiana.
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