Trying to set up VLANs with jail

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Trying to set up VLANs with jail


I try to set up VLANs following the howto of Shawn Debnath

Actually, I want to isolate each jails from the other so I thought
assign a VLAN ID to each jail was a good solution.

So, I correctly followed the howto of Shawn but my host can't no more
communicate with anything, when I try to ping, it says "sendto:
no route to host" while my netstat -r output is exactly the same as in
the howto. re0 is up and vlan0 has ip, like in the howto
and my firewall is down.

So I decided to assign to re0 the ip and to vlan0 and my host is now available remotely (with my ipfw rules
this time) and can ping (but still doesn't resolve domain
name...) but I don't know if vlan work and I don't know how I can verify
it. I noticed thaht when I do ifconfig destroy vlan0, my host can
resolv domain name...

I am a little bit lost, can anyone give me some help or explanation
please ?


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