Unix Systems Administrator position (Berkeley, CA - USA)

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Unix Systems Administrator position (Berkeley, CA - USA)

John Webster
Unix Systems Administrator

Berkeley Lab, a leader in science and engineering research and the oldest of the
US Department of Energy's national laboratories, has an immediate opening for a
UNIX Systems Administrator. As a member of ESnet's Infrastructure Group, this
position will be responsible for managing, configuring and testing hardware and
OS installations of all ESnet UNIX office and server machines with a special emphasis
on the UNIX systems that are deployed at remote sites in support of ESnet's production
wide area network (WAN). The UNIX Systems Administrator will work closely with
customers to define, develop, and implement enhancements. In addition, this role will
implement and use tools and procedures to improve the security of systems, networks,
and operational procedures.

Key Skills
FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Perl, C/C++, CGI, Java, NFS, SSL, SSH, UNIX security,
Unix Shell Programming, Apache and Tomcat configurations
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Re: Unix Systems Administrator position (Berkeley, CA - USA) Update

John Webster

--On May 30, 2008 4:23:25 PM -0700 John Webster <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Unix Systems Administrator
> <http://jobs.lbl.gov/LBNLCareers/details.asp?jid=21635&p=1>

I should have mentioned to apply via the web site.  I'm just figuring
since we're looking for someone with Freebsd experience why not post
on a Freebsd job list.  :-)

Not a recruiter or HR.  Just a sysadmin

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