Unix Users Group Rhein-Neckar/Germany: 10th anniversary

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Unix Users Group Rhein-Neckar/Germany: 10th anniversary

Raphael Eiselstein
Hi everyone,

the Unix Users Group Rhein-Neckar e.V. (Germany, Rhine-Neckar region,
near Heidelberg, Mannheim) was founded on May 19th 1999 as a registered
association ("e.V.").

We will celebrate our 10th anniversary on July 3rd and July 4th with
some lectures and workshops:
(wiki.uugrn.org is german language, SSL is by CAcert)

Friday, July 3rd
  CAcert - the past, status quo, the future
    lecture and workshop by Henrik Heigl (CAcert) and Philipp Schafft)  

  Introduction into OpenSolaris
    leycture by Sebastian Laubscher (UUGRN and OSUGRN)

Saturday, July 4th

  Insights to Solaris
    presentation by Jörg Möllenkamp, Sun Microsystems

  FreeBSD Jails - 4 - 7 - 8 - ...
    lecture by Björn A. Zeeb, FreeBSD ([hidden email])

  Kerberos Security
    lecture by Sebastian Laubscher, UUGRN

  Xen Cluster
    lecture by Markus Hochholdinger, UUGRN

  RoarAudio (a new sound framework)
    lecture and workshop by Philipp Schafft aka ph3-der-loewe, UUGRN

  Programming a LASER Controller (FTDI, ILDA)
    lecture and demo by Jürgen Linder, UUGRN

All lectures and workshops will be in german but most of the visitors or
speakers will have english skills, so english speaking visitors are
welcome, too!

Beside our lectures and workshops we will have a "familial event"
including a BBQ and what we call "Spaß am Gerät". Everyone is invited to
attend. Our Event is admission free and NO reservation is needed (but a
little note to [hidden email] or registration via XING
https://www.xing.com/events/357147 will be appreciated).

The original announce and the wiki-info is written in german. If you
want to attend our weekend but need english info please contact me
via [hidden email]

more info: https://wiki.uugrn.org/UUGRN:10_Jahre_UUGRN_e.V.
Announce: https://wiki.uugrn.org/UUGRN:10_Jahre_UUGRN_e.V./Announce

The UUGRN's infrastrukture is mostly based on FreeBSD with Jails
(https://wiki.uugrn.org/UUGRN:Jails), so there will be some ppl.
with interessts and knowhow in FreeBSD.  

With kind regards.
Raphael Becker, UUGRN.ORG / UUGRN e.V. / www.uugrn.org
Raphael Becker          <[hidden email]>          http://rabe.uugrn.org/
GnuPG:                E7B2 1D66 3AF2 EDC7 9828  6D7A 9CDA 3E7B 10CA 9F2D

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