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Update for Sept 24th..

Brian Tan

Wonderful news for you today!

Due to popular demand, we just open up our Qoo10 & Lazada FREE training for
24th Sept...

You can start to register here:

Check it out here


Today I want to share with you how a dumb bell can make you more money..

I have a friend, who's into body building to keep fit..

And he decided to order a dumb bell from Qoo10...

When the dumbbell arrived, he excitedly open up the huge carton and there
was his new exercise equipment..

What was in the carton was the dumb bell and an instructional booklet.

There was also a free CD on “The Secret To Working Out”..

I like the fact that they give him a free training video as a surprise.

But here’s the thing…

They can actually DO IT A LOT MORE BETTER and MAKE MORE MONEY if they
change the free CD up a bit...

Instead of just giving the free CD away, they should get the customers to
REGISTER at their website for the free CD...

This way, they can capture the customers contact and continue to
communicate with their customers by sending them more free stuffs or email
them useful articles about body building...

They can even recommend new products or cross sell other body building
products to their customers.

And not building their customers database is one of the MISTAKES I see
people make all the time.

If you are running any online business, building a database can DOUBLE UP
your sales revenue easily.

ALL MY ONLINE BUSINESS follows the same steps and that’s why they are so

If you want to know the steps that we follow to create a profitable Qoo10 &
Lazada business...

Go here & register for your free workshop...

We know that you have been waiting so we decided just open up the doors
much earlier than expected.

So go here now and see you at our next training...
See you soon


Even before we start the session, our first 2 classes are already FULL.
So now we are opening up our 3rd session.
Go here now before we close it down again.


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