Update to MATE 2.24 badly broken

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Update to MATE 2.24 badly broken

Kevin Oberman-4
I was pleased to see MATE updated to 2.24 last week, but I was immediately
forced to move back to 2.22 when I had multiple failures.

Most obvious was that the keyboard settings were ignored with a report that
the settings daemon was not running. (It was, in fact, continually crashing
and restarting.) caja continuously mounted one file system, which had
already been mounted at boot time.

System: 12-STABLE r362181 on Lenovo T350. All ports except MATE are current
as of yesterday.

Other logged errors included:
Large numbers of:
pid xxxx (mate-settings-daemo), jid 0, uid 9381: exited on signal 11 (core
(gnome-keyring-daemo), jid 0, uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)
(marco), jid 0, uid 9381: exited on signal 5 (core dumped)
console-kit-daemon[1188]: WARNING: kvm_getenvv failed:
kernel:  blanktime screensaver.
console-kit-daemon[1188]: WARNING: Error waiting for native console 1
activation: Inappropriate ioctl for device
gnome-keyring-daemon[1472]: couldn't access control socket:
/var/run/user/9381/keyring/control: No such file or directory
gnome-keyring-daemon[1472]: Gkm: using old keyring directory:
mate-session[1461]: WARNING: Unable to find provider '' of required
component 'dock'
gnome-keyring-daemon[1472]: The PKCS#11 component was already initialized
gnome-keyring-daemon[1472]: The Secret Service was already initialized
mate-session[1461]: WARNING: Could not launch application
'gpk-update-icon.desktop': Unable to start application: Failed to execute
child process <E2>M-^@M-^\gpk-update-icon<E2>M-^@M-^] (No such file or

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